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             Quality and food safety policy of Negin Asal Harand Company


Negin Asal Company, Avend Biscuits, with the support of more than fifty years of experience in producing all kinds of biscuits and relying on the latest 
and most modern complete production line from Germany's Raimelt and Werner Flieder companies, aims to establish a quality management system based on the
international standard of 2018: ISO9001 and the food safety management system based on the 2018 standard: ISO22000 and HACCP and the complaint management
system based on the ISO 10002 standard in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction, continuously improve processes, products and take steps
to achieve the following goals
بیسکویت نگین عسل - بیسکویت آوند-خط مشی شرکت -بیسکویت رژیمی-بیسکویت سبوس دار-دایجستیو-بدون قند -بیسکویت مادر-4
بیسکویت نگین عسل - بیسکویت آوند-خط مشی شرکت -بیسکویت رژیمی-بیسکویت سبوس دار-دایجستیو-بدون قند -بیسکویت مادر-3
1- Customer orientation through increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders and reducing customer complaints
2- Development of target markets
3- Focusing on the research and development process in line with continuous improvement in order to achieve products with a competitive
advantage with the aim of gaining and expanding the market, customer satisfaction and profitability for the organization
4- Increasing the knowledge and ability of personnel by conducting continuous and targeted training
5- Optimizing material consumption by reducing waste
6- Establishing effective communication with extra-organizational and intra-organizational groups to meet the needs of the beneficiaries
7- Increasing the power of the company's brand
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